Class 484
Quarter Spring
Year 2012
Project Contact Organization Cal Poly CSC
Project Contact Email
Project Contact Name Franz Kurfess

Interaction between humans and computers relies on the availability and properties of the respective input and output capabilities. Although it is frequently relatively straightforward to estimate essential characteristics of interaction methods such as information transmission capacity or time constraints, to my knowledge there has been no attempt to develop a more formal framework to describe interaction methods. The basic idea is to define something similar to "degrees of freedom" in robotics, and to capture the dimensions that span such "interaction spaces". For example, a typical computer screen has a resolution of about 1,600*1,000 pixels, a refresh rate of about 100 Hertz, and a color depth of 32 bit. It is quite clear that the interaction space for such a device is significantly different from that of a keyboard with about 100 keys (although about five are "modifier keys, so the overall number of key combinations is higher), and a typing speed of a few characters per second.