Class 486
Quarter Spring
Year 2012
Project Contact Organization None - Student
Project Contact Email
Project Contact Name Frankie Pike

In this project, I intend to integrate an EEG headset into a system targeted at wheelchair control. At this moment, the prototype platform is a Roomba controlled via Bluetooth (which is substantially more portable than a wheelchair).

Some tasks in this project include:

- Building reliable test models for EEG input
- Developing filtering heuristics for false positives
- Testing, Testing, Testing!
- Developing a UI with useful visual cues
- Exploring alternatives like blink detection

A challenge that has been present is the relatively limited number of states the EEG headset is capable of disambiguating. As a result, menus have to be quite simple and will likely need to be contextually sensitive (mapping the same brain states to multiple actions depending on the sequence). Coming up with an intuitive organization for control directives should make the system more tolerable for an end-user and should be a fun project.