Class 484
Quarter Spring
Year 2012
Project Contact Organization Cal Poly CSC
Project Contact Email via
Project Contact Name Allen Korenevsky

My idea is an app that can collect vital information on how the user is interacting with another app and the phone in general. The app I have in mind runs on Android, but I'm sure most if not all of the features can be ported to an iPhone app. Some features for the app are:

  • Logging where on the screen a user touches or drags their finger. The data can be saved and later the location of touches or drags can be displayed on an image of an Android phone screen, with a playable timeline of when each touch or drag occurred. The second part I believe would require separate PC software.
  • Recording a user's face with the phone's front facing camera. The video recorded can be used to see any facial expressions, and later can be processed to track eye movement. This would require a Nexus S, or another Android phone with a front facing camera. Perhaps Google's upcoming Nexus Prime?
  • Logging of the events that happen on the app being tested. I am not sure yet if an app requires root access to look at the system log. The app will parse through regular system events and only display events created by the app being tested.

The app will run in the background and can be set as a start-up service. The obvious challenge is making sure that the monitoring app doesn't suck up so many resources that the foreground app becomes sluggish.