Class 484
Quarter Spring
Year 2012
Project Contact Organization External
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Project Contact Name via Franz Kurfess

People hate having to conduct performance reviews. Managers hate reviewing employees. Employees hate reviewing themselves. Luckily it usually only happens once a year. Imagine if reviews took place a couple times a year. Or even once every few months! How could this process be made easier, faster and more enjoyable for all parties? Aspects to consider are:

  • What is the manager's experience? Keep in mind the manager might have several people working for them.
  • What is the employee's experience? How do they best evaluate themselves?
  • How does the manager compare how they feel an employee has performed against how the employee feels the have performed?
  • What documents and information would be useful for each party and how will they access that information?
  • How can the manager quickly see past reviews of the employee?
  • How can the manager compare the employees performance against other employees?