Class 484
Quarter Spring
Year 2012
Presentation Date April 24, 2012
Project Contact Organization Group 5
Project Contact Email
Project Contact Name Leah Humiston

ConceptShare enables creative professionals to get feedback on visual assets with the responsiveness and experience of a desktop application. It allows for clients and designers to look at the same images or websites, make comments, and provide feedback for one another. ConceptShare helps with the prototyping process and uses a wide array of tools to assist with providing detailed and informative feedback.

Link to our Presentation:

Our presentation discusses the basics of ConceptShare, provides a tutorial for setting up and commenting on a simple image, and addresses the pros and cons to ConceptShare.

Team Members:

Charlie Shaeffer

Leah Humiston

Erik Lindahl

Ryan Sundberg

Alejandro Cervantes

Brian Middough