Name Ray Tam
Class 481
Year 2013
Quarter Winter
Section 01
Presentation Date April 1, 2013
Presentation Given No
Topic(s) Maximal Information-based NonParametric Exploration

There is a lot of data gathered about many different topics from a variety of fields. This data is often vast and numerous but unstructured and unprocessed. Having a tool that can process large amounts of data to gather useful information can benefit people who use or gather that data. Researchers at Broad Institute and Harvard University have come up with a tool called MINE, Maximal Information-based NonParametric Exploration. The goal of this tool is to take data that has many different dimensions and figure out possible correlations and pick out the top correlations. Also it will find patterns and attempt to rank them in a logical fashion. One of the tool's biggest strength is the ability to detect a wide variety of patterns and organize them into specific characteristics chosen by the user. The goal is to analyze large amounts of data from websites such as Facebook to fields like physics and organize the data into useful information.

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