Name Lauren Thurston
Class 481
Year 2013
Quarter Winter
Section 01
Presentation Date February 19, 2013
Presentation Given Yes
Topic(s) AIBO - Artificial Intelligence Robot

Sony's AIBO, or Artificial Intelligence Robot, is an autonomous robotic pet. AIBO is capable of learning from its' environment using the sensors on its' body. AIBO can recognize voices and faces, and also respond with it's own sounds. The software with AIBO allows the owner to modify AIBO's motions and behaviors. More external software is able to teach AIBO new things, such as sing. AIBO has been used in projects that focus on robots and artificial intelligence. For example, in the soccer RoboCup, teams of AIBO work together to kick a ball into the opposite team's goal. In other projects, AIBO's behavior was altered so it would mimic a real animal. Sadly, the number of active AIBO projects is very low as to the discontinuation of the product in 2006. A recent project, AIBO+, aims to enhance the artificial intelligence of AIBO.



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