Name Elizabeth Loui
Class 481
Year 2013
Quarter Winter
Section 01
Presentation Date February 14, 2013
Presentation Given Yes
Topic(s) DARPA Robotics Challenge & Autonomous Robots

The DARPA Robotics Challenge is the upcoming competition in which several teams will create autonomous robots to "execute complex tasks in dangerous, degraded, human-engineered environments" and be able to navigate through a "scene of disaster". Some of the challenges that the robots must face would be driving utility vehicles, opening doors, and climbing ladders.

Although this competition has not been completed yet, I will give examples of robots who attempt to accomplish some of the things that the DARPA Challenge robots will have to face. Individual tasks such as moving obstacles or navigating through an obstacle course is already a difficult task, but the competitors of the DARPA Robotics Challenge will have to do much more.

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