Name Andrew Guenther
Class 481
Year 2013
Quarter Winter
Section 01
Presentation Date March 5, 2013
Presentation Given Yes
Topic(s) Knowledge Based Chatbots

Conversational agents are beginning to expand out of their traditional role of customer service and trying to send you dirty pictures online. Combined with the power of knowledge based systems, conversational agents are teaching people new languages, telling stories, and answering difficult questions. I wish to explore some of the most recent research in combining chatbots and knowledge based systems. I will specifically be discussing some current papers in the following categories: storytelling, question and answer systems, and multilingual education.

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[3] Kerly, Alice, Phil Hall, and Susan Bull. "Bringing chatbots into education: Towards natural language negotiation of open learner models." Knowledge-Based Systems 20.2 (2007): 177-185.

[4] Feng, Donghui, et al. "An intelligent discussion-bot for answering student queries in threaded discussions." Proceedings of the 11th international conference on Intelligent user interfaces. ACM, 2006.