Name Cameron Stearns
Class 481
Year 2012
Quarter Winter
Section 1
Presentation Date February 7, 2012
Presentation Given
Topic(s) Expert Systems, Firewalls, Decision Trees

Abstract Edit

Firewalls are a common tool to defend against malicious sites and services on the internet. They examine data packets traveling between inner and outer networks. Firewalls are most often configured with a set of predicate logic rules. These rules are configured into a decision tree, and packets are compared against the set of rules to determine whether they should be transferred or blocked. A paper by Pasi Eronen and Jukka Zittin discusses the use of constraint logic programming to analyze the logical rules of a firewall for accuracy and usefulness. With the ubiquity of firewall usage, it is important that we as internet users understand what tools are being used to protect our networks, and what topics in the field of knowledge based systems have been applied to improve these tools.

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