Student Name Ryan Staab, Neil Greene, David Seltzer, Chris Paige, Alvin Nguyen, Amanda Belleville
Class 481
Quarter Winter
Year 2012
Team Number 02
Presentation Date
Evaluator Team 01
Evaluatee Team 06


The SemanticMediaWiki 481 team for winter 2012 has the goal of creating a workable wiki for Franz Kurfess using the SemanticMediaWiki plugin for the Media wiki. The purpose in doing this is to create a repository of all of the Projects and Presentations that are done in Professor Kurfess's classes that can be Semantically manipulated using the SemanticMediaWiki extension.

This project is a continuation of Fall 2011 group who initially work on the wiki. This project group consists of 2 members from that group and 5 new members. The goal for this project is to take the work that was done by the previous group, and refine the wiki into a completely workable state. In addition, the group intends to explore the possibilities that the SemanticMediaWiki extension provides to enhance the wiki experience for Professors Kurfess's students