Name Kane Carroll
Class 480
Year 2012
Quarter Fall
Section 3
Presentation Date November 8, 2012
Presentation Given No
Topic(s) Facial Recognition Software

Facial recognition software attempts to verify or identify an individual person from a digital image. This may seem simple or easy for humans, but it is a difficult taks to solve for computers. With the growing trend toward socail media, facial recognition software has been applied to websites such as Facebook in an attempt to automaticaly "tag" photos for you. It can also be seen products such as Apple iPhoto. With these new products, facial recognition software analyzes facial features in photos. The software then decides what other photos contain individuals with matching facial features and attempts to automatically tag those individuals in all photos they are pictured in.


This is a clip discussing some of the different topics in Facial Recognition dealing with Artificial Intelligence.

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Article discussing how automatic face recognition helps tag your photo collection.

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