Name John Biddle
Class 480
Year 2012
Quarter Fall
Section 3
Presentation Date November 15, 2012
Presentation Given Yes
Topic(s) Robocode and Optimal AI with incomplete data

The RoboCode environment is a programming environment which lets users program tanks with strategies and watch them battle each other. It uses the Java programming language, and now supports the .NET framework. Robocode was originally started in July 2001 by Mathew Nelson as part of IBM developerWorks, and is now maintained by the RoboCode community as a piece of open source software. In the game, any number of six-wheeled robotic tanks with radars to sense other robots, and turrents to shoot them, are set against each other in a battlefield. To be successful, the programmer must develop a number of systems: - targeting

- choosing when to fire

- battlefield movement

- defensive action

Each one of these systems can be done simply, or can take forever to perfect. The RoboCode community has figured out a number of optimizations, such as gravitational movement, wall factoring, wave surfing, and bullet shadows which are clever solutions to this problem. Sources: