Name Joshua Beeston
Class 480
Year 2012
Quarter Fall
Section 01
Presentation Date November 13, 2012
Presentation Given Yes
Topic(s) Pandora Recommender

Almost everyone nowadays uses or has at least tried the music service Pandora. Pandora is the result of a very intense algorithm combined with the Music Genome Project. The Music Genome Projecct was an effort to "capture the essence of music at the fundamental level”, and they do that by analyzing each song using up to 450 musical characteristics covering aspects of the music such as melody, harmony, rhythm, etc. A single 4 minute song takes over 20 minutes to analyze, and is analyzed by an actual human. Pandora also uses a thumbs up vs thumbs down voting system. This voting instantly tweaks the station you are currently listening to. It differs this way from recommendation systems like Amazon's where it looks at other users interests and ratings. Pandora's recommendations are solely about you. It has no concept of “genre” or anything like that, just the extremely attributes each song has.