Name Andrew Guenther
Class 480
Year 2012
Quarter Fall
Section 3
Presentation Date October 30, 2012
Presentation Given Yes
Topic(s) Valve's Left 4 Dead AI Director

Valve Software's game, Left 4 Dead, was met with widespread critical success when it was released in 2008, but what many reviewers didn't know about was the amazing AI technology that came with it. Valve's "AI Director" of AID was able to manipulate where, how many, and what kind of enemies appeared based on how the players played. This technology was further advanced with the release of Left 4 Dead 2 in 2009 where AID could even manipulate the design of the level itself based on how players interacted with it.


  1. Building an AI Sensory System: Examining The Design of Thief: The Dark Project

  2. AI Systems of Left 4 Dead by Mike Booth

  3. Personal e-mail correspondence with Tom Leonard, Lead AI Developer at Valve for Half-Life 2 and Left4Dead 1&2